Tim Eads: A Legitimate Waste of Time

Tis’ the season to initiate new habits, rituals, and goals.  I am setting a new focus for, one that is both obvious and exciting.  I recently found out that I missed a special exhibit at MOMA, “Experimental Women in Flux“, ran August -November 2010.  I found out about it last week and I felt a little like a failure.  Fluxus is not a topic than comes up very often among my peers and generally if it does, I am responsible.  Fluxus is my favorite art movement to date, I am fascinated by it’s history and devoted to keep it alive.

So, in attempt to both never miss another awesome exhibit, and promote the continuance of this militant art movement, I have decided to focus this blog on Fluxus.  Keeping tabs on FLUXFESTS, FLUXHIBITIONS, FLUXCONCERTS, and how this 50 yr old movement has evolved with the influence and aid of our technological takeover, the internet.

I would like to start by announcing that Art’s Birthday is January 17th.

No, Art is not short for Arthur, I am referring to the grand subject that comprises painting, acting, music, dancing and all forms of creative expression.

In 1963, artist, Robert Filliou, was the first to recognize this international holiday by assuming the fact that one million years prior Art did not exist and then came to be when someone dropped a dry sponge into a bucket of water.

So, the 17th of January will celebrate Art’s one million-and-fourty-eighth year on this planet.

Although Filliou died in 1987, I am sure he would encourage all of us to spend this day celebrating the existence of art in our lives; whether it is the sound your dog’s toenails make as he treads across the tile floor, or the choreography that captivated you in the theater as you sat frozen during the Black Swan.

Celebrate the mere fact that Art may be old but it sure as hell isn’t dying.

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A Legitimate Waste of TimeTim Eads

Fluxus 1” George Maciunas.

Store Days” Claes Oldenburg.

Flux Kit” George Maciunas.

Fluxus Street Theater“George Maciunas.

The Naked City” Guy Debord.

Galerie Legitime” Robert Filliou,

Cut Piece” Yoko Ono,