For this window design I approached the Visual Manager of 3.1 Phillip Lim to work with me and oversee my design development in accordance with the brand’s visual standards. Jenny provided me with the current directive and I used the mood board for my initial inspiration. I drew from the juxtaposition of natural beauty with urban landscapes. Quickly, I began to explore the paintings of Georgia O'Keeffe for her body of work includes these two contrasting subjects. I was attracted to the Guipure embroidered lace found throughout the collection and wanted to echo it in the display. Once I chose an O’Keeffe painting I decided to create a dimensional design where the merchandise would be featured between panels of the painting. To echo the embroidery I traced the outlines and then created a mirrored pattern to cut from the back panel image. To tie in the color of the blouse with the painting I changed the levels of the image to bring out green and blue in the shadows. To add intrigue, I hand cut portions of the embroidery pattern from the graphic and hung a teal seamless paper as well as plastic behind the graphic. With the help of many fluorescent lights the pattern was illuminated and subtly glowing. The 3.1 logo is intentionally placed on the lower left hand corner, mimicking a painter’s signature.

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