challenge: design a line of personal care products that specifically appeal to the Ace Hotel clientele. concept: The best way to understand the Ace Hotel, is to spend time in the Ace Hotel. I took advantage of the challenge by first visiting on a weeknight evening. Even on a Tuesday, the Ace is full of young professionals, enjoying crafted cocktails,soaking in the ambiance accentuated by a well known DJ. The lobby is more of a museum turned speakeasy than a hotel, the staff blends in with the hip creatives lounging on the vintage furniture. There’s taxidermy, low industrial lights equipped with Edison bulbs, old cloth covered books, and flags with less than 50 stars. Adjacent to the hotel, and accessible through the lobby, is an Opening Ceremony and a similar boutique offering merchandise that varies from high-end cosmetics to plastic dinosaurs. I ordered a glass rose which was dispensed on tap, it cost me $13 and I understood why this was acceptable. The Ace is dark, fun, a little impractical and painfully hip. As a designer who appreciates the breed of young men who frequent places like the Ace, sporting $200 flannel shirts and French bulldogs who poke out of their backpacks, I set out to create a men’s line with them in mind. This guy appreciates aesthetics in a masculine, woodsy and arguably a pretentious way. This guy wants to look like the kind of guy who fixes motorcycles despite his cushy desk job. He’s spends $30 on a facial toner because it’s an effective product and it looks good against his subway tiled bathroom.

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