Valentine Matchboxes


It’s that time of year! In the spirit of spreading love and making fires, I designed these printable matchbox designs for The Source blog on ForTheMakers’ site.
Head over and print some for your sweetheart <3




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Accessory Window Design

Accessory Window Design

Here it is! My first window design for my Visual Presentation and Exhibit Design program at the Fashion Institute. The window features a vintage brooch I found at a flea market last winter.  I was aiming for something clean with drama.  This was a great opportunity to explore the less conventional side of my aesthetic.  I love beauty, and I enjoy making things pretty.  This project reveals a darker facet, a side whose favorite Apples to Apples card is “Spontaneous Combustion”, and even at the age of 29, still paints her nails black.

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January 4, 2014 · 10:04 pm

origami crystal stationary

origamicrystalletter by fluxahedra
origamicrystalletter, a photo by fluxahedra on Flickr.

First installment in my new Stationary Series!

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Valentine Display Complete!


Detail of Valentine Display

Valentine Window with Cherry Blossoms 

Quick peek at my recent window. Total Valentine Love Fest! Plenty more photos to come.

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Winter White 2012

ispy pic stitch

It’s no secret, I have always had an affinity for black.  More than a default, I have held a strong belief; not only is black my color but the world would look so much more appealing if appliances would just stick to a standard matte black instead of the all pervading satin nickel.  Black dominates my wardrobe, with black jeans as my staple and black lace finding its way into every outfit.  Even my MacBook sports a matte black “jacket”.   But, in the start of 2012, something changed.

It all started in February when I purchased my first iPhone.  When faced with the choice of black or white, I surprised myself, I chose white.  At the time I was living in a sweet country cottage, though small it was literally lined with windows all pre-adorned with vintage white lace curtains which created an open and spacious ambiance.   The curtains were the backdrop to my life and also my photos, they left quite an impression on me.  Slowly, white was no longer confined to my bedding and walls, it was beginning to appear in my closet.  In the summer I loved the weightlessness associated with sheer white tops and with the approach of fall I continued to collect what I like to call winter white.  In silk, lace and crochet, loose knits, and sheer chiffon all evoke this soft snowy feel I cant get enough of.

So when Lovin’ Oven called to ask if I would make a winter window,  my palate was born without hesitation.  I embraced the subtle shades of white and barely pastel shades of drawing paper.  I gathered off white paints, and began coating a collection of jungle animals and toy dinosaurs.

My idea was to create a winter wonderland scene full of hidden creatures and treasures.  I would challenge the guests waiting to be seated with a game of I-Spy.  My initial inspiration was drawn from a a fuzzy memory of a page from the I-Spy Christmas book.  For weeks, I folded paper crystals, painted animal figures, gold leafed natures curiosities (including a gall) and collected cans of artificial snow.

The day before my install I snatched the pre-existing tree branches (used in my spring and summer window) and gave them a nice matte white paint job.  As a finishing touch I coated the base of the branches with flakes of Mica glitter to give them an icy crust.  I installed the window the day before Thanksgiving, luckily for me business was slow so I had plenty of space and time to allow the window to unfold organically.  I had a ball during the install; hiding the white animals in the branches with my hot glue gun, and making the snowy floor sparkle with hand-fulls of glitter. The night closed perfectly with an amazing meal courtesy of the Oven!  A warm kale salad with roasted onions and carrots tossed with pistachios, dried cherries and a maple vinaigrette, and  handmade gnocci with gorgonzola cream sauce and fried sage.  Divine!


The most challenging part of the window was actually the poster listing the hidden objects.  I have been working on my hand lettering skills and felt a lot of pressure to hand draw a perfect poster with an illustrated border.  After a week of tweaking and some help on photoshop, I am very pleased with the final poster which I had printed on light blue paper and posted near the window. 

Below is a slide show documenting my process and evolution.  I am so pleased with the final result and yet totally excited about modifying it for Valentines Day!

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Long Lost Photo Shoot

Back in the early spring I asked my friend, Gabriel Franklin, to photograph my Easter themed display at the Lovin’ Oven restaurant in Frenchtown NJ.  Since then I picked up my life, packed it away and moved it all into a South Philly row home.  Here I am, first week of September, and finally, I am thrilled to say my art supplies have never been more organized; and ready to take on a holiday season full of window dressing, visual displays and gift assemblages! To inspire future displays and remind myself where I started, I wanted to return to the long lost photo shoot.

Below you can see a selection of Gabriel‘s gorgeous photos of my Spring Display for my favorite restaurant in the world,  Lovin’ Oven.

To see the entire shoot, visit my flickr

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Welcome to the Eraserhood

The murder mystery of Laura Palmer is perhaps the only murder mystery I have caught myself obsessing over.  Twin Peaks spoiled me with countless slices of cherry pie, fresh pots of steaming coffee, rich assortments of morning donuts and the most adorable, charismatic, FBI special agent character to date, Dale Cooper.  This in a series whose wardrobe unlocks the perfect blend of 90’s fashion nostalgia with school girl plaid skirts, satin teddies, bouffants, and thick wool flannel shirts.

That said, when the Philadelphia Weekly prominently featured David Lynch’s name on the cover I felt an uncontrollable magnetism to find out why.

Apparently, David Lynch lived in Philadelphia for art school, and some believe that the Callowhill neighborhood also sometimes referred to as Eraserhood, where he resided, is responsible for some of the eerie, campy, creepy, themes prominently featured in his work.

This past Friday PhilaMOCA held an opening event for Eraserhood, Forever; a David Lynch themed art show.  The historic Mausoleum hosted hundreds of Philadelphia’s art enthusiasts who all share the strong appreciation of Lynch’s definitive style of comedic horror.

Despite the rocky opening acts that my roommate described as summer camp sketch comedy, our presence (and $10 cover charge) was greatly rewarded with hilarious Lynch inspired commercials, a Laura Palmer burlesque, and a jaw dropping set by my new sound fascination, Void Vision; Haunting, atmospheric one-woman electronica from Philly.

I left the event with a renewed faith in the art scene here in Philadelphia and enthusiasm to share my experience.
Here is a little taste of Void Vision closing their set with an amazing cover of Twin Peaks’ theme song!

Void Vision a video by fluxahedra on Flickr.

You can view many more photos from the event here


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